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What is needle felting?
Needle felting is transformation of wool into an object by felting the wool with the help of barbed and very sharp needles. Needle felting can be carried out to make cool objects and shapes for a loved one. Also, needle felting for beginners is super easy to learn and can be a fun activity to do with friends.

Needle felting for beginners is easy? Show me how?
Well, to start with you need a felting needle, wool, a hollow shape and a felting surface.

Felting needle
A felting needle is very sharp and delicate. Mainly, there are two types of felting needles, star tip and triangle tip. The needle comes in different sizes. For beginners, a needle felting pen will be a good choice to avoid unnecessary pricks and injuries. Needle felting with pen can also produce more detailed and quality work.

Wool and shape
Needle felting for beginners should be kept simple so lets’ go for a heart shape and use Corriedale wool. Corriedale wool has a favorable texture for felting and fiber can only be separated by gently applying pressure.

Felting surface
Felting mats of different sizes are available but for beginners, a thick cleaning sponge should be fine. Using a felting surface is highly recommended as it provides a solid surface for felting and also ensures safety as felting needles are pretty sharp.

Needle felting for beginners: the process
Place the hollow shape on the felting mat or some other felting surface of your choice. Start with gently pulling some fibers from the wool and place those fibers in the hollow shape structure. We are considering a heart shape here but you can design anything you want from butterfly to other complex shapes and designs. Then compress the fibers with your fingers to make sure you have enough fibers to make a shape. Now you have a ball of torn fibers placed inside a shape. At this point, start felting the fiber ball with the needle and make sure that the needle goes all the way through to the bottom of the fibers.

Needle felting for beginners should not be about speed and a beginner should focus on felting in a distributed, uniform manner across the front, the back and the sides of the object. This way all the fibers are tangled properly producing a good shape. Keep flipping the sides of the shape and make sure you have felt thoroughly on each side. Soon the fiber will start getting in shape and will also start to harden up. Once you get a good shape and the fibers are hard, take it out of the shape and start felting on the sides and edges to give it an even look. The uniform the felting, the harder the fiber and the better the shape. After you are done with the sides and edges, you should be having a cool needle felted heart to show your friends. Needle felting for beginners is this simple, easy and fun.
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