How to needle felt a ball ?

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Felt is a synthetic fabric that has been made from natural fibers. It is made from wool fiber which has to be compressed and matted, pressed through the heating process and pressure, and moisture. It requires a lot of hard work but the final product is compact fabric consists of intertwining fibers.

Needle felt:
Wool can be transformed into felt by many methods. An important method is needle felting. Needle felting can be done with a special needle that has a dart at their end. When this needle pierces the wool the dart holds up the wool fiber and doesn’t release the wool that will tie up the wool fiber. Through this process needle felt can be made. Simply needle felt is a process to convert wool into three-dimensional objects

Process of Needle Felt a Ball:
A circle is a basic shape in the field of geometry. It is slightly complex in the beginning to form an exact circle so it requires practice to do it properly. If you are doing it properly then you can make any shape like heart shape and cylindrical shape. Needle felt ball can be used in earrings, finger rings, bangles, necklaces etc.

Step 1: Cut the felt of 4 inches long. This size will differ according to the material of the wool. The width can be taken as per the requirement of the size of the ball.

Step 2: Expand the wool by pressing it with the figures till it looks like light cotton. Put it up in the light and see that there isn’t any dark spots left. If there is any large spot, remove it by pressing and stretching it so all the wool becomes the same color. Otherwise, the different colors will reflect in the ball.

Step 3: Put liquid dishwashing soap in an empty container and add hot water in it. Dip the stretched wool in the water.

Step 4: Put the knot in the center of the stretched wool and then put another knot to make it more swollen in the center.

Step 5: Make a rough ball with your hands by rolling the wool slightly on top of the knot so it makes a loose ball. Pour some water on the ball so it becomes wet and heavy.

Step 6: Place this loose ball on a flat surface. Pierce the needle in the loose ball about a quarter of an inch deep. Don’t pierce it with an angle it will stick in the wool. Pierce it straight up and down manner so that it will go easily. Keep your finger away from the path of the needle or use thumb and finger protector because the piercing needle is very pointed and sharp. Pierce it hardly, the harder you pierce the harder the ball gets if you pierce it slowly that the ball remains soft and loses its shape

Step 7: Continue poking until all the fibers interlock with each other compactly and you can see felt form from the wool. The ball then shrunk up a little and your needle felt forms.
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