Simple Steps for Preparing Fiber for Spinning

post about fiber preparation such as washing , combing , carding etc
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There are a few reasons why you might want to divide your fiber into smaller sections before spinning. Shorter sections of top or roving are easier to handle at the wheel, and won’t get caught on the flyer or your clothes as much! If you’re planning to ply, you can divide the fiber into two or three equal portions to help your singles come out to a similar length. You can also separate out different colors in hand-dyed fiber to produce different color effects .

There are a couple of ways to divide your top or roving. The easiest method is with a simple kitchen scale: just weigh the total amount of fiber, then divide into a few equal portions. If your fiber is in a braid, you can also divide by folding the length of the fiber into two or three sections, then pulling the roving apart to separate them .
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