How to Needle Felt a Ball?

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How to Needle Felt a Ball?
For a beginner, needle felting might seem like a difficult skill, but it's surprisingly simple. Because you can use it to make superbly cute products, it's a skill worth learning. What's more, you only need three necessary tools and a simple tutorial before you can start making fluffy adorable things.
Remember, someone doesn't need to know how to knit before learning needle felting. From tools to wool type, the two crafts have little to no similarities. However, if you're a knitter learning needle felting, you're going to get another useful and fun skill.
Needle Felting
Needle felting is the process of using a barbed needle to turn wool into a three-dimensional structure. While felting wool, you're agitating its fibres. Therefore, the fibres bond together and form a solid fabric.
If you've ever seen knitting material getting felted, you will quickly understand this process. To get the fibres to bond, people usually use a washing machine with hot water. In needle felting, however, the agitation is done with the help of a sharp needle instead of boiling water.
The Tools You Need
1. Wool
For needle felting, a specific type of yarn, known as roving, is mostly used. However, that's not a hard and fast rule, and you can use other types of wool as well, such as batting.
2. Felting Needle
Needle felting is not possible with regular needles. So if you're going to use sewing, upholstery or even tapestry needles, don't expect them to work. For this particular craft, one needs a special felting needle. The design of sharp barbed blades agitates the fibres of wool.
3. Felting Surface
Although this tool doesn't help in felting, we recommend you to get one as it keeps you from hurting yourself with your needle. Also known as felting cushions, felting mats and felting pillows, felting surfaces are easier available in many stores; made from foams and sponges. If your felting surface is thick enough, it will prevent many potential problems.
Needle Felting a Ball
The technique of needle felting depends on your product. However, if you know how to needle felt a ball, you know the necessary skill. After that, you can try making different objects. Eventually, you'll learn the craft of needle felting. Below is a step-by-step guide to needle felting a ball.
1. Getting the Wool
As mentioned above, you can use any wool for this. Since roving is most common for needle felting, we are going to use that. With roving, there's a convenience as well. Because of roving tears apart very quickly, you don't have to cut it. Instead, you can tear a piece of it.
2. Rolling the Wool
Now, take the roving that you separated earlier and roll it in your hands. You need to roll your until it has turned into a ball. After you have obtained the ball, you must tuck the ends in if you're able to.
3. Prodding the Ball Until a Felt Has Formed
First, put the ball on your felting surface then start prodding it with your felting needle. While prodding, try going about one-fourth of an inch deep each time. Go straight as you provoke up and down, passing your needle in and out of the ball.
Continue to do this until all the fibres seem to have bonded together wholly. You'll notice your felt forming gradually. Because the fibres are bonding and moving closer to each other, you may also observe that the ball has become a bit smaller.
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