Needle Felting for Beginers

post your comments and questions about wet felting, needle felting , machine felting and nuno felting .
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When we hear the word 'Needle Felting', then our first impression would be very complex. But in reality, this Needle Felting is an amazing craft that gives us some amazing and cute results with the help of some amateur tools. It is another fun thing that we can do with wool.

What is Needle Felting?
In basic language, needle felting creates felted items and objects without the use of water. They also help in making 2d arts. It is a process that helps in converting wool into various kinds of 3d objects. During this process of Needle Felting, specific barbed needles are used to get a good outcome. The needles have these bards on the ending which are very tiny. The barbs have been designed in such a way that they make the wool come in and tangle to each other so that they stay locked altogether.

Instruments needed in the process of Needle Felting:
Wool: This process is done with a particular kind of wool known as roving. Other forms of wools can also be used, e.g. batting.
Felting needle: The needle used in this felting process isn't normal, or we say it as a sewing needle. The needles used in this process are special which help to agitate the fibers of the wool. These special needles are also known as barbed needles.
Felting Surface: While Needle Felting, we might end up poking our legs, hands or fingers or any other part of the body. To avoid this, special Felting surfaces are used. These special surfaces ensure that the felting surfaces are some inches thick. Sometimes, various kinds of foam pads and sponges are also used as a felting surface for Needle Felting.

What can we make with needle felting:
With needle felting, various types of 3d things can be formed. One of the popular things created through needle felting is Animals. This is because the needle felting process creates an amazing effect and makes them look like animal fur.

We can also make basic items like a scarf which can also act as a base for the Needle felted items. We can also use it to add some color on a fabric cuff or create specific shapes like a heart into our simple-looking sweaters. Sometimes our sweaters also end up with a hole in it. Needle felting can also fill up those so that our clothes can be of use to us. This process has become very popular for the felters involved in art and craft businesses. This felting task isn't hard at all. If we give just a little time to learn some basic skills then we too can make some beautiful small projects.
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