how to needle felt a ball?

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Hello Everyone ,
Today I want to give you some tips about how to needle felt a ball?

Before we start you need to understand that this job needs self-confidence and attention. So, give your morale a lift.

Ready? Ok, let’s get started.

Firmness is your key to success. So while needling keep firm but not hard so that when pressed it springs back.
Before you start felting, roll the body parts. This will lessen your needle felting time providing you more time to needle felt.

Tie a knot or two in the middle to form a firm core. It will save a lot of felting time and makes it more comfortable to create a ball shape.

Needle felting is a quick stabbing act in your wool. Your needle should not fade into the foam block. It should hardly pierce the foam at all when 3D felting. Shift as you felt any 3D body part. This will give your fabrication its shape and block ‘dimples’ in your outcome.

Start with less than you think you will need; you can always attach more wool to make your shape bigger but you can’t take it away! The exception to this is limbs. If you have joined the head and it’s in the wrong place, upside down, etc. then unpick with a pin and re-position or revise. Do not try to unpick with your felting needle as I assure it will break.

When felted, your 3D body part will be approximately 30% smaller than the shape you started. Unless you have felted so much you have made a rock which will make it around 75% shorter.

Only drive your needle straight up and down, not at a point. If you turn your needle the peak will break off.
Be patient. This is a walk, not a sprint. You are not going to become the best overnight and you are learning a new craft, not performing in Olympic, so relish it.

Your project will not match anything close to what you are trying to make for the first time. You need to practice at least 3/4 times before you get 50% right. Be patient about what you are doing.

There are so many tutorials on YouTube and the internet. Follow them, try more and more. You will get to success one day.
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