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Is it interesting to needle felt an alpaca? It is, how? Let’s see.
Equipment needed:
First, we need to know about the things which we need for our needle felted alpaca we are going to felt.
• Felting needle
For needle felted alpaca You need a felting needle which is the most important part of felting. Felting needle must not be used by the kids because its sharpness is the secret of fine felting.
• Needle holder
Felting needle, being so small, can not be held in one’s fingers for a long-time during felting. A needle holder is needed to hold the needle to make the felting easier.
• Felting surface
The felting surface is also a vital part of needle felting. Particularly you need a felting surface to feel the ears of your needle felted alpaca.
• Foldable thin wire
Any metal wire which can be easily folded is to be used for framing needle felted alpaca. We need to make a structured frame of our needle felted alpaca which includes its legs and neck.
• Needle felting starter kit.
A starter kit with all images and instructions which are helpful for the needle felted alpaca.
To take a start, you have to make a frame of your needle felted alpaca with the thin wire. Fold the wire to make a thin flexible rope-like structure but a bit strong which can maintain its shape then fold the rope in a way to make four legs and neck of needle felted alpaca to make a solid structure inside the wool. Start folding small but long pieces of wool in the structured frame of wire step by step and felt it nicely and cover all the frames to make the needle felted alpaca’s all parts equally thick. Keep on folding and felting the wool until you get your wanted size and body of your needle felted alpaca. Felt the stuff very carefully. No matter what color you use inside but felt brown wool above all. Felt it so carefully because this is the look of NEEDLE FELTED ALPACA. Make sure that it hides lower colors. Leave a white area on the head where you have to place ears, nose, mouth, and eyes.
Now make needle felted alpaca’s ears separately on the felting surface with white wool. Use scissors to make holes for placing the ears and felt them well with the help of a felting needle so ears become inseparable. Fix eyes with the help of sticky material. You can use separately made mouth and nose or you can feel with black wool or black thread. Congrats your alpaca is ready.
Make sure that the felting is done nicely, and the wool or stuff is not in an inappropriate shape and position and it does not seem dispersed. If you’re new in felting, There is a saying “practice makes a man perfect”. No one is born with innate experiences. Experience is something we get through continuous and nonstop work and struggle. One gets perfectness over time. If you find any inappropriateness try again, I am sure you’ll get better results next time. Where there is some fabric you find looking odd you can feel well again just to make the body of needle felted alpaca smooth, shining, and nicer.
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