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The wool will be fluffy and soft in the beginning. When you tangle, it will start to gain the shape and density of a cotton ball. More you poke the wool, more it becomes dense.

Treat the wool according to its size. If it is a small piece, then rub the wool between your hands and fingers until it will be twisted together and become a ball.If the piece of wool is medium or large, keep the wool in a smooth sheet.

If you are a beginner, take smaller piece of wool and then wrap additional wool around it to make it bigger.Needle felted pieces can be filled with acrylic stuffing or polyfill ball. For this purpose, felt the acrylic stuffing into a solid mass and then completely cover it with a layer of wool.When the wool becomes dense and it is difficult to penetrate the needle inside the wool, then slow down your work because the needle may break if you force it into the wool.

When you feel that it is difficult to poke the object and it becomes firm, it means it is done.To create a specific flat shape, like a heart, triangle or circle, use a stencil or cookie cutter. If you want to attach two pieces, leave some fluffy wool at that point where you want to connect it to another piece. Then use a needle to join the two pieces together.If you want to attach plastic eyes, mark on that point where you want to attach. Then create holes using any tool like an awl or scissor. Now put a little drop of glue at that mark and stick the eyes in the holes.

Before starting work, always keep some extra needles with you because it may break during the work.
If the needle breaks inside the felted piece, then squeeze the piece gently and pull out the broken piece carefully. You can use a tweezer to pull it out.
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