Mental health related field checking the success of this program Evaluation Program for October- January 2021

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It shows that the director of medical health is looking to start a new treatment plan for the patients. Due to this plan, it will become simple and easy to treat the individuals that are struggling with mental health problems. Moreover, the next advantage is that it will also ensure ideal and best mental health outcomes for youth and children with their families. It can be done through evaluating the evidence informed practices. The name of this center is Excellence for child and youth mental health.

Evaluation Goal
One of the main evaluation goal of the center is to evaluate the mental health patients in a proper way. Moreover, also analyze different techniques used for the treatment of such patients. Furthermore, how this funding process can easily support the training of the employees for increasing their skills. On the other hand, its main aim to implement evidence-informed practices. Due to this, it will become simple and easy to provide advance mental health services

Evaluation team
As it can be noted that the main evaluation team for mental health services is consisted of the different staff member. These staff members include doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff. On the other hand, a member of the county commission was also to become a part of the team. Due to this, he can easily review the plans and also provide effective information for meeting required goals.

For this purpose, a meeting will be carried out for discussing different issues related with the mental health center. In this meeting, proper report regarding the issues will be given to the community members and also stakeholders. After this, according to this report, Kane (Member of county health commissioner) will analyze different facts through analysis. After this, in the next meeting he will provide complete demonstration regarding the key issues of the center and also provide main path to overcome it.
Stakeholder assessment plan table

The health commissioner Analyze the effectiveness of the program.
Apply required actions if this program is reliable for the center Provide different type of funds to the center.
Analysis the future outcomes of the data Held meeting with important staff member and discuss problems and solution after evaluation.

The main target population for this program is such individuals that struggling with mental problems from the last few years. Such individuals are selected from workplaces and higher educational centers.
The main aim of this program is to eliminate the major issues of the mental health patients. Due to this, it will become possible for them to overcome this issue and enjoy a healthy life.

Fing data about the patients Make proper plan to enhance services from this resource
Child and family engagement in evaluation Global family research project Gain information about the families and mental illness Make a short plan to solve problems of patients Ensure different techniques for evaluating patients Make a long plan to solve problems of patients
Literature review database Gain data from the previous researches Different methods and solutions are gained from different researches Take data from less resources Take data from large database Arrange data from comprehensive data bases and also arrange it in a tabular form for future researches and issues
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