Felting For Beginners

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When I was 5, I often sat at the patio, beside grandma, wide-eyed, and watched her create lovely animals and shapes with a barbed needle and some wool. She'd create lots of these fuzzy shapes for my brother, and me, and when I asked her to teach me how to make them, she'd say, "don't worry cupcake, when you are older, you too can needle felt just like I do!"

Those years eventually started my love affair with needle felting, and since then, I haven't looked back. It is so much fun creating lovely 3D shapes with a needle and a wool, and it is not as complex as you might think. You too can start your felting journey like I did, and with just a few tools and guidelines, you'll be on your way!

But first…

What is Felting?

Felting is simply the process that involves separating, entangling, and relocking wool or yarn to form any desired shape. Now, you could either Needle Felt or Wet Felt, the choice is yours!

However, we'll be teaching you about Needle Felting.

Needle Felting
Needle felting is simply converting wool into 3D shapes or objects with a barbed needle. This process is done by agitating the fibers to enable them to stick together, forming a solid fabric (hello knitters).

Things You Need.

Felting Needle
Felting needle is quite different from a sewing needle or a tapestry needle. A felting needle has edgy and barbed blades designed to swirl wool fibers.

Of course, you'll need some wool to work your magic. However, not just any wool will do. A special kind of wool called roving is typically used. However, batting can be used too.

A Felting Surface.
A felting surface is required to prevent you from piercing your fingers with the needle. To achieve this, you'll require a foam pad that is several inches thick.

How to Needle Felt.
The good news is there is no one technique that suits all when it comes to needle felting, as it varies depending on what you are making. Once you have gotten a hang of the felting process, you can start creating different effects by the way you pierce your needle in the wool.

What You Can Make With Needle Felting.

The fun thing about needle felting is that you can make pretty much any 3D shape you desire. Miniature animals are a very popular choice when it comes to needle felting, and rightly so, because a fur-like effect is created by the felting needle. However, why limit your creativity when you can needle felt flowers, a heart, or even a shoe, on your sweater, or any fabric cuff you desire?
The possibilities to colorfully decorate and be creative are endless!

What's more? You can also use it to mend your favorite sweater that's got a hole in it. Simply patch it up using needle felting!

So, what's the delay, get yourself a barbed needle, a roving wool, and a foam pad, and let your creativity shine through!
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