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Hello forum member,

Please read the following guidelines before posting. This forum is created to Get advice on needle felting, including patterns, techniques, and tutorials.

We have created some guidelines to protect this forum from spammers. We believe if every forum member adheres to the guidelines below, we can meet the goals of this forum. is dedicated to the fiber arts and felting related projects . Please stay on topic when you are posting. We have created a category called “ Off Topic” General Discussion where you can post anything not fiber related. Please make sure that you are choosing right category to post your comments. postings made in wrong category may be deleted.

•We do not appreciate any sorts of advertising in this forum. The main purpose of this forum is to exchange of ideas, information and photographs of felting related projects. You can mention your business details in your signature but please do not post your selling links in your posts. We have a separate category called “Fiber Marketplace” where you may be allowed to post product selling link.

• Please respect the intellectual property rights of others. Please make sure that the photos that you are posting on this forum are your own and that you follow all copyright law. If you are using someone else’s photo from internet, please cite it properly.

• This is a family friendly forum. We do not accept any sort inappropriate content, disrespectful comments to forum members .

• Spam posts will not be tolerated; we will delete them as soon as identified. We encourage forum members to report any thread/ post that appears to be Spam to the administrator.

• Please be mindful that Abbreviations and slang are difficult to understand for someone who has English as their second language. Please try to avoid them as much as possible.

• Please do not share your personal information on thread/ post. If you need to touch base with other forum member and share personal info, please use PM box.
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