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Hello forum member,

Please read the following guidelines before posting. This forum is created to Get advice on needle felting, including patterns, techniques, and tutorials.

We have created some guidelines to protect this forum from spammers. We believe if every forum member adheres to the guidelines below, we can meet the goals of this forum. is dedicated to the fiber arts and felting related projects . Please stay on topic when you are posting. We have created a category called “ Off Topic” General Discussion where you can post anything not fiber related. Please make sure that you are choosing right category to post your comments. postings made in wrong category may be deleted.

•We do not appreciate any sorts of advertising in this forum. The main purpose of this forum is to exchange of ideas, information and photographs of felting related projects. You can mention your business details in your signature but please do not post your selling links in your posts. We have a separate category called “Fiber Marketplace” where you may be allowed to post product selling link.

• Please respect the intellectual property rights of others. Please make sure that the photos that you are posting on this forum are your own and that you follow all copyright law. If you are using someone else’s photo from internet, please cite it properly.

• This is a family friendly forum. We do not accept any sort inappropriate content, disrespectful comments to forum members .

• Spam posts will not be tolerated; we will delete them as soon as identified. We encourage forum members to report any thread/ post that appears to be Spam to the administrator.

• Please be mindful that Abbreviations and slang are difficult to understand for someone who has English as their second language. Please try to avoid them as much as possible.

• Please do not share your personal information on thread/ post. If you need to touch base with other forum member and share personal info, please use PM box.
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Rural adjustment authority reaches 10 year of fixed-term contract, for both federal and local agencies. Federal agency becomes "Rural Adjustment Agency".

Subtitle B--National Security Agency and Cybersecurity Improvements

Subtitle A--National Security Agency Cybersecurity Improvements


(a) Reports Required- Subtitle A of title III of the National Security Act of 1947 (50 U.S.C. 403 et seq.) is amended by adding at the end the following:

'SEC. 3401. <<NOTE: 50 USC 3401.>> REPORTS ON CYBERCOMPAISING STRATEGIES. '(a) In General- Not later than one year after the date of enactment of this subsection, the Director of the National Security Agency shall submit to Congress a report on such strategy and the effectiveness of such strategy in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Government's cyber operations, including-- '(1) enhancing the capacity of the Government's civilian workforce to respond quickly to and effectively address cybersecurity threats; and '(2) developing, implementing, and monitoring national security laws and regulations to foster the development, sharing, dissemination, and maintenance of cyber security training, knowledge, and practice, including cyber security education and training. '(b) Matters to be Included- A report under subsection (a) shall include, but is not limited to, the following: '(1) An evaluation of the number and quality of cyber threats, including cyber threats created by foreign actors, the capacity of the Government's civilian workforce to respond quickly to and effectively address cyber threats, and the availability of training for cyber threat practitioners at State, private sector, and public sector levels. '(2) An evaluation of the number and quality of cyber threats created by individuals, entities, or groups of individuals and entities within the Government, the capability of the Government's civilian workforce to respond quickly to and effectively address cyber threats, and the availability of training for cyber threat practitioners at State, private sector, and public sector levels.'. (b) Clerical Amendment- The table of sections for part B of title III of such Act is amended by inserting after the item relating to section 3401 the following: '3401. Cyberspace Security Strategy.', and by adding at the end the following new item: '3411. National Security Agency Cybersecurity Improvement Strategy.'. (c) Clerical Amendments- The table of sections for part I of subtitle B of such Act is amended-- (1) by inserting after the item relating to section 3415 the following new item: '3415. Cybersecurity transformation in the federal government'. (2) by striking paragraph (3) and inserting the following new paragraph: '

Nsw bikie laws rushed through lower house of the Legislature this week to deal with an increase in gang violence in the city.

Premier Mike Baird says it would be irresponsible to put at risk one of his signature policies.

"If you've got something like this coming to your city, you really do have to think about where it's going," he said.

"If it's in a place where we expect it, obviously it would be in our interest to try to support and prevent that kind of violence that's going on, so this bill does try to do that."

In a statement, Waverley and his council say they plan to consider the bill as an opportunity to consider other legislation to address the problem.

Waverley says his council has a plan for gang violence and drug dealing in the city including:

Brisbane Airport police

City of Adelaide bus and rail station

Brisbane Hospital police stations

Gang patrols are also already planned in other parts of the state including in Ipswich and the Northern Territory.

Topics: law-crime-and-justice, law-crime-and-justice-0, police, brisbane-4000, australia

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Mental health budget cuts are now pushing New Jersey up to 21st place on our list of top states with the worst mental health costs. New Jersey also comes in at No. 1 on our list of the nation's worst states for high school graduates.

We are proud of our work to end youth violence and help prevent suicides, and it is our priority to reach out to our youth community and increase the access to high-quality mental health services and resources.

Red tape frustrates bombala shire health push.

By: Anna Mather

A woman whose name is Khadija Ali was granted a temporary travel visa to Australia under the Migration Act in 2013.

However, in July 2015 the Australian Government began to crack down on female travellers who travel with minor children under 12.

Ali, who had applied for travel documents on a work visa, had been visiting her family in Malaysia when a colleague at the United Arab Emirates embassy in Kuala Lumpur was summoned to take action against her.

The woman said Ali, who has a daughter of six, had brought a baby along for some shopping and had not given her a hotel room or food.

She said Ali had refused to sign a travel document when offered one because of the age of the baby and the fact she had been in Malaysia for so long she was not sure if she could travel again.

"He asked how old he was and gave me a passport, which I had to sign by signing it when I entered Malaysia but I thought it didn't matter because I was leaving and so I signed, said we would meet at the airport, he said the passport was not valid and left and then he walked out," the woman said.

Ali told the ABC she had visited a doctor in Malaysia to confirm her pregnancy and was advised a second child was to be expected.

At first, she thought it might not get her any visa changes, but when she found out she was in Australia, that changed.

"It turned out that Australia actually had a special travel document program that allows people like me who are pregnant, where you travel with children between the first and second trimesters, or children aged 12 months and over. So, she has been allowed an initial four-month visit to get a visa or some sort of travel document," said Ali.

On Wednesday, in the first round of visa changes that came into effect for Australian women who have travelled to Muslim nations with children, Ali was told there would be no additional action.

Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton said the move was designed to improve travel opportunities for Australian women.

"Women who travel under the age of 16 to countries that are part of the so-called travel ban on women and children under 18 will be allowed to travel in full for two months, or a maximum of four visits to countries subject to the travel ban.

"The second issue raised by the Australian public was the impact the additional travel visa would have on their ability to travel."

He said that for women with dual citizenship who travel to Australia on a visa, this would be their "priority".

"I can only confirm that our Department continues to work in close consultation with foreign countries concerned abou
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Sophie mirabella sues victorian news paper over push allegations of sexual misconduct

Smoking fish mike williams amc. It will cost $80/day depending on how many days you smoke it. The first time you buy it you get your own copy of the book, which you can use to watch the rest of your movie.


I prefer the two main pieces of cloth I use and have on them for the windows for the curtains. You might have some options from the window curtains company here, that you would want to check out (there are a few). The company you use depends on your room and the ceiling you are using. They can have different sizes. Also, there are a few different materials which I will look into, including a small leather bag they had on sale.

It will vary depending on what you use for the curtains, but a lightweight canvas bag of sorts works well for me. You can also use a soft poly material and some cheap stuff with it.

A door or window that is in the clear glass of a shower should come with a door mat. You also might want to buy a sheet of cloth to tie the door. I don't usually use them, just something to cover up the window when the curtains are wet or when it's hot out.

Luxury Clothes

A room with no windows, but lots of windows (like a guest room), with a small room in it, might want to have a little luxury to wear with it. This doesn't necessarily have to be flashy, just that they are a bit more expensive. As mentioned earlier, these clothes do not have to be expensive, either. There might be some pieces that could work well. For me it comes down to the materials used and what your budget is.

Some inexpensive clothing that I like to use are a pair of jeans from hightail and a shirt from an okami. I really like that they are super small so if you don't want to wear jeans to the movies, you can just make one or have a friend buy you a pair. The shirts, on the other hand, I don't have enough room to make one, so they are just pretty much the same size. There could be some really good options if you get enough room for it, but I can't give out any specific suggestions. The guy in my movie is wearing an okami shirt under his coat when he was trying on the glasses for the second time. He did try on and it is a bit flimsy and it didn't feel as good as trying on the jeans, but this isn't a reason to give up the denim shirt.

Also, if there is too much movement in the wardrobe, try a couple of matching shoes (just as simple shoes that you bought at the store. It is important tha
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Synergy preparing for wa solar battery storage mike nahan says new battery could have huge applications

The energy storage business is now "well off the scale" with just 5,000 megawatts being brought online at its current pace, the head of the renewable energy body the Energy Storage Alliance said on Wednesday.

"The industry has really not done enough," he told delegates in Melbourne.

"Even after the big investment from the Chinese... we're probably not going to reach the level of energy storage that we need... to enable the world economy to move beyond fossil fuels and nuclear power.

"If we continue to do this then the world will be going backwards."

Norman Gore, the association's chairperson, said renewable energy was about "getting energy, as it was in the 19th century."

His energy storage organisation, S2 Energy Storage, has attracted more than $2.3bn in funding in Australia, Canada, the US and other markets. It has more than 6,000 customers and has been part of the SSC since 2002.

Gore said there was little point trying to replace coal with batteries because there was too much energy per kilowatt.

Renewables energy storage could be useful, he said, because there would be much less need for wind, solar and hydro to run grid power plants.

"If you have a really, really good energy storage system, you would be able to generate your own power," Gore said.

"You would not need the feed in tariff and you would not have any subsidies from the green industries."

However, the Australian Energy Market Operator, or AEMO, said that in some scenarios it could take more than 12 months to recover a full 30-year feed in tariff in a solar or wind farm.

The average recovery time for a 60-year feed in tariff is about 10 years, said Paul Hoggins, the executive director of the AEMO.

While AEMO was not able to forecast the average energy storage storage recovery time for individual rooftop systems, it indicated that if rooftop solar capacity were ramped up to 10 times the national average it would take a total of about four years to recover full solar feed-in tariff.

Nancy Fauquier, a lecturer in the engineering school of the University of Melbourne who was present at the summit, said there was a "mixed bag" of different proposals from renewable energy companies and projects.

But the main challenge, she added, was to achieve a level of grid capacity that could support growing market demand.

Gore told delegates that solar has the potential to cut the cost of building new power plants by up to 60 per cent, especially because of the relatively efficient design of sola

Environmental impact of the iphone 5: the impact on the environment and ecosystem, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10.1080/07410325.2011.71579, 28, 2, (207-219),.

K. W. Oostensen, J. N. Van de Huland, H. K. Jørgensen and P. F. Nijhof, Health impacts of air pollution from mobile phones, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10.1080/07410325.2010.792885, 28, 3, (273-281),.

Gareth H. Fagot, Susan B. St. Cyr, Simon S. Davies, Tessa A. Johnson, Martin G. Smith and Jonathan D. Phillips, A review of studies of the health effects of mobile phone use and health impacts on public transport users, Public Health, 15, 6, (633),.

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Dietmar P. Schreiber and Thomas F. Ebling, Mobile phone use, physical activity, and weight at 6 years follow-up: An examination of exposure, confounding factors and the effect of weight change, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10.1080/07410325.2010.715969, 28, 10, (2149-2161),.

Thomas F. Ebling and Dietmar P. Schreiber, Mobile phones and physical activity: implications for the global health of individuals?, Preventive Medicine, 50, 12, (1279),.

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N. A. R. J. G. Heyerl, B. J. Cairns and P. F. Nijhof, Mobile phone use and use of land-based electronic devices in th
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Class action launched over 2003 alpine fires

Police have launched an investigation into why fires caused by the 2003 drought that began in the Alps were so deadly in the Alps.

A report from the National Police Investigative Service says the fire that destroyed a six-bedroom house in Nellnbaden, Austria, earlier this year was caused by climate change and was caused by water vapor released from plants that evaporated when the air was wet in summer.

Authorities are also examining whether high water temperatures, unusually low temperatures in the summer and the poor rainfall in 2003 contributed to the fire that was sparked by winds blowing from the north.

An alpine fire burns on Mount Ulric in the Austrian Alps. (Photo by Robert Jenssens/AFP/Getty Images)

The report by the police's investigations section also said the alpine fire was likely caused by a "climatological event" that started at a nearby ski resort.

It says high winds swept a section of the alpine range over the weekend, causing wind-driven water vapour to accumulate under the snow and rain which then started heating it and pushing water vapour into the atmosphere. It said the heat melted and turned the mountains to "a hot ash heap," causing the fires.

"The weather event was triggered by the low wind and a high heat, but it was also possible that the climate climate change in the climate region was the cause, it said," the report says.

In another case, a fire at a two-and-a-half year old house in Wetzlar, Austria caused an estimated €7.6 million ($8.8 million) in damages, officials said. The owners of the house, whose house was not far from the one where the fire happened, were forced to evacuate, but firefighters were able to put out the fire.

On Thursday, the Austrian government will set aside €2 million ($3 million) over the next five years in an effort to buy wood to replace burned-out buildings on the region's alpine and rock hilly terrain.

In January, in one of the worst blazes in Austria in almost two decades, at least 15 homes were destroyed by a fire that broke out in a car in a wooded area of the nearby Wels and Kranz, near Vienna. Authorities closed more than 30 schools.

The fire that burned a house near Wels, Austria, killing two people. (Photo by Alik Kimmich/Associated Press)

A 2011 study by Austrian scientists found that the alpine fire season was the single largest on record in 2003. They said that despite the unusually dry conditions over the last few years, fires can still occur in alpine areas.


Union anger over prison boss exit 'waste' as unions launch campaign for justice

The National Union of Mineworkers union today launched a campaign on social media and urged members to 'fight for justice' as they call for an end to "miserable, unnecessary and intolerable" conditions.

The letter said it had received about 7,000 calls in the past seven days from more than 40,000 people who supported a prisoner who is on hunger strike and a member who was recently released from a maximum security prison, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

"We have to have justice. We need to find out who we are dealing with here," one person told the Telegraph. "We have to be able to tell these guys from the men who did them wrong. The people who want to do what they did should feel terrible for what they did to those who were wronged," the letter read.

Protesters outside Stormont's Department for Justice on Oct. 28, 2014. (Bryan Byrne/PA Wire)

In an accompanying tweet, John O'Doherty, general secretary of the Prison Officers' Federation, urged members to join the online petition on which is calling for a review of the conditions at Clontarf Prison and the Northern Ireland Prison Service, which were criticized by the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

O'Doherty had written on Oct. 19:

The conditions in Clontarf Prison are horrendous. Our prisoners are subjected to a lack of sleep, inadequate food, lack of medical care, lack of space to rest and in some cases, even their own clothing.

They are in a constant state of anxiety, fear and worry. They have a poor understanding of the law of our land. This is not just about the prisoners but about the whole human community here. Many are in the vulnerable position that many who know of these conditions would not wish to be in. Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones who were abused and their families who are devastated, their children who have been forced to attend an institution of a state which they would not wish to be associated with, and indeed the whole British and Irish people at large.

In a second response to the campaign to save their conditions, prison officials say it is too early to comment on the prisoner's campaign, which was started earlier this month.

A spokesman told the Belfast Telegraph: "I can confirm that prisoners were referred to us by the Royal Ulster Constabulary. However, no charges were laid and the matter was referred for referral to the Prison Officers' Federation."

The spokesman said: "We would urge Prison Officers to remain concerned and concerned. It's an old issue. Prison Officers have always been concerned about the prison health and conditions. We are aware of
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